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Wix's top Business tools

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

So you build a site in Wix or get a professional designer to do it for you. You then get the site live and hook it up to your domain of choice at this stage you need to buy a premium plan. In the UK at the time of writing these start at around £86 for a basic plan or £187 for a business plan that allows you to take payments.

You may think this is expensive but I think it's great value and not just because this is what gets your site live and in front of potential customers for a whole year.

What many people never realise is the great tools that can be found on your site's dashboard for free.

In this blog, I will share some of my favourites and how they can be used for many businesses like mine and yours.

  • Wix Finances

  • Wix Marketing

  • Wix Logo Maker

  • Wix CRM

  • Wix Analytics and Reports

  • Wix Mobile App

Wix Finances

One of my favourites and I have been using for around 2 years now. The 2 best features are the ability to send quotes and the ability to send invoices. You can also do both these things from your phone using the Wix app.

I find this has been great for allowing me to provide professional-looking quotes and send invoices to customers. Using both systems I have been able to streamline and improve the management of my business finances. You can also export reports.

I use the invoices with no connected payment, preferring the option to request direct payments to my bank account. However, the process is slicker if you link a payment provider like Paypal or Stripe and then you can also see your payments received.

I am able to mark my payments as being received manually and I can export reports for tax purposes. If you want this to integrate with your accounts you can add apps from the Wix marketplace to totally integrate your accounts.

For more information on Wix finances click here for quotes, click here for invoices

Wix Marketing

Wix has a plethora of FREE great marketing tools such as email marketing, Wix video maker, social posts etc These are all great tools to help you get on top of marketing your business. Check out my recent post on this topic here

Wix Logo Maker

So you have your website up and running but what about your logo/brand. Wix has this covered too. If you are looking for a fairly clean and simple design then why not look at Wix logo maker...

You can try it for free and depending on your website package and the files and package you choose you may have to pay a small fee. It's easy to use adding text, icons and styling. Once you are happy you can pay and download a suite of files for use across your brand channels like social media, website, letterheads. You can even pay extra for business cards and other branded goods. If you are not sure then contact a professional and see if they can help you with your logo.

Click here for more information


In the last 2 years, this area of the dashboard has been developing. You have your basic inbox for contacts. You then have details of all your contacts and these can be sorted into various categories. You can click on each contact and view up to date notes and customer timeline to include quotes, invoices and notes you may have added to a record

You can also set up workflow cards for processes such as sales and leads and services. I manage my referrals and leads through this process. I also make good use of the task manager to manage my day to day. The more you use these tools the more you get out of them.

Wix Analytics and Reports

This has really ramped up in recent months, it used to just be an overview but now you get some really useful stats to help you manage your business and help you make good decisions for your business.

It covers 4 main areas:

  • Traffic

  • Sales

  • People

  • Reports

Traffic tells you how many sites visitors you get over time, whether they are unique visitors, returning visitors or new visitors. It will also tell you how they found you e.g. Facebook, Google, ad campaigns etc

Sales tells you more about the sales and revenue you are generating, things like best selling products and services.

People tells you more about your customers and their behaviours.

Reports are where you can get some real detail and play about with the filters to find out just what you need to to keep your business on track

Read more here

Wix Mobile App

Did you know Wix has its own app for website owners and their customers. You can manage your site from your phone, posting blogs, talking to customers via chat, sending invoices, accepting bookings. You really can manage your business on the go.

You can also set up pages and access for your customers.

Find out more about the Wix Mobile App here

You may be also interested in our Wix Financial Tools blog post which also expands on Wix Financial Tools in more detail.

If you would like to understand more please get in touch for a FREE no-obligation consultation and check out my YouTube 'How To' channel for more help and guidance.

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