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How to get started on Wix

I regularly speak to individuals who are trying to get started on Wix and don't know how.

In this blog post I will try to give you the main options you have in Wix depending on your budget and skill set.

The main options you have are

  • Wix ADI

  • Wix editor template

  • Wix editor start from scratch

  • Wix editor X


If you are not confident on computers then the first option you have is to choose Wix ADI. Wix ADI interface will take you through a series of questions and build you a website, see the video below

This is pretty much for the beginner. Wix ADI has its own editor in which to make changes to your website but it can be quite limiting, although they are improving this all the time. The good news is you can move your site over to the main Wix editor if you are looking to improve your site more. One thing to note here though is whilst you can go back to Wix ADI none of your changes will be saved so once you move over if you are comfortable in the editor then it's best to stay there.

I often get called in by my clients at this stage who are looking for more support. If that is you and you would like a free consultation then get in touch here

Wix editor template

If you feel a little more confident with using software then Wix templates are for you. I always say if you can use something like 'Microsoft word' you will find using the Wix templates straight forward enough. Again Wix takes you through a few short steps to help you find the right template for your website idea, whether that's business, organisation, blogger or hobby. Whatever your needs Wix has the template for you.

If you can start here then do as these professionally designed looking templates take the headache out of the design. The hardest thing can be choosing the right template from the 100s on offer. Wix tries to help here by understanding what you will be using the template for and making suggestions e.g. coaching, business, eStores, construction. No matter your need there are usually several templates to choose from. Try to pick ones you like the look of and that meet your brand style ( you may not have a brand at this stage so this is the time to start thinking about what the look and feel of your website says about you and your business).

You don't even have to stick with the field that is suggested so if you like a construction template for your coaching business this is fine. It's all fully customizable but if your budget is low to non existent and you don't have the design skills then the less you changes you have to make the better. Again your can always pull in a professional designer at this point or part way though to assist.

So just what can you change? Well pretty much everything, fonts, colour schemes, images (Wix has a great bank of free images and access to paid images too, plus you can swap in your own images, page design and menus the list is endless. You can add apps likes blogs, shops, bookings and events. Some templates come preloaded with these apps. The more you add in the more complex your website becomes to manage but depending on your skills and experience many people do design great looking websites from Wix templates that are highly successful.

There are also some individuals who as their site evolves pull in experts such as myself for guidance, support and design. I have recently started a YouTube channel to offer short tutorials on many aspects of the Wix editor. I plan on releasing regular 'how to' videos feel free to subscribe here

Wix editor start from scratch

Anyone can start with a blank website in Wix, if you feel confident enough to do this then just select the blank template and give it a whirl on the plus side you will have complete control over your design and can let your creative juices flow.

You can build a one page site with multiple sections and anchored links to those sections or you can produce a site with several pages its up to you. I recommend this route if you are a Web designer or have a great eye for design and experience of some sorts using basic design software. That's not to put anyone off but there is a big difference in adding things to a page and designing a full user experience and flow.

If you dont see the template for you or just want a bespoke design and dont have the desire or inclination to do it yourself then seek out a quality Wix web designer with great reviews and excellent customer service. If you would like a free web design consultation then feel free to get in touch here

Wix editor X

Wix has a new editor in town its still very much in its infancy stages and as yet does not have quite the functionality as Wix standard editor. Again it has some templates, just a few and you can start from scratch. What it does have is the ability to design for all screen sizes and is a fully responsive design space. What that means is that you can design and no matter what the screen size or shape the design will respond to it. You can also make design changes to the different screen sizes.

The standard Wix editor option is an adaptive design and differs slightly. You will need to design your site in the the desktop editor and understand how to use to make it work on the different screen sizes like desktops, laptop and tablets, plus it has a basic mobile editor that allows you to make small changes to optimise the look and feel on mobile devices.

Editor X is a far more complex design user interface and as such I would only recommend for experienced designers. It also costs more when you decide put your site live and pay for one of Wix's premium plans so its worth thinking at this stage if its worth it or talking to your designer as to your sites needs and the editors capabilities.

Overall Wix is an awesome platform and by far my most favourite platform. It provides different solutions to all those who need a website no matter your budget or skill set.

If you would like to understand what option might be best for you then get in touch for a FREE no obligation consultation and checkout my YouTube 'How To' channel

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