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What should I include in my products pages on my Wix eStore to maximise sales?

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

So anyone can build an online store with Wix. You can either choose a template with an eStore included or simply add one from the Wix editor.

So how do you make sure your product pages are eye catching and effective?

When you are setting up your products on your store you need to make sure you provide good information. To help with this process look at sites you like shopping on and ask what creates a great shopping experience for you.

Below are some basic tips on how to complete your product pages on your Wix eStore to maximise sale.

Good product titles

Here are some simple rules to follow

  • Give clear titles so it is obvious what the products are.

  • Standardise your headings all products, if you choose to write titles in upper and lower case stick with that. It can make a site look really unprofessional to have a mixture of heading that are Capitalised and Upper and Lower case.

  • Avoid spelling mistakes and typos

Good product images

A poor image can be a real turn off. If you are having to use your own images then try to do all you can to make sure they showcase your product. Some good tips are taking images from a variety of different angles. Try to show the image in situ to help your customers visualise e.g. a handbag over the should, a dress being worn. If you don't have a good bank of images or are struggling to take decent photos then consider getting them done professionally. A poor image reflects on you and your shop, best not display the image until you have the right images.

Consider product videos too. Wix video maker can be a great tool for this

Wix product template page
Wix product template page

Product Description

Take time to craft a detailed description. A good way to do this is to put yourself in the customers shoes. Start from a point that you know nothing about the product what would you want to know? What would be useful? What is it made from? How big is it?

Additional Sections

These are a really good idea to include sections like

  • Refunds and Returns

  • Delivery Information

  • Size Charts

  • Dimensions

Look at competitor sites and again sites you like and see what others are doing. After all you want to have the best information to make it easy for customers to see how your products will work for them.

Wix product template part 2
Wix product template part 2

Product Variants

Include different colours, sizes so customers can select the product option that is right for them. You can even link different colour options to their specific colour image...


This is a great feature and provides an opportunity to highlight specific products. Ribbons commonly say things like 'New In', 'Sale', 'Featured Product', 'Managers Choice' and 'Customer Favourites' You get the idea. To use these to best effect then keep these up to date and change them regularly so customers trust what they see.


Here you simple put the latest price of your products. You can discount using the ' On Sale' toggle in Wix.


Decide weather you want to use Wix to track your inventory. This is advisable if you manage your stock and don't have easy access to replacement products. You do not want to sell an item that you have sold out as this will reflect on your business badly and provide poor customer service


These are the categories your products fall into, in the clothes store they might be mens, ladies, children, dresses, trousers etc.

Setting up collection in your store allows you to add different collections to different pages and or stores widgets like featured or related products. I will expand more about this in future blogs.

Need help with your Wix eStore then why not book a free consultation to see how i fan help

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