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Must haves for your Wix eStore

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

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I love Wix for building eStores. As a keen online shopper myself and designer I know what a great user experience should look and feel like and I am keen to share that with you.

So what features should you use to compete with the big boys!


I love this recent feature in Wix Stores. I have been using it a lot when i have been shopping online. Its great for saving products you are interested in and want more time to think about.

It's easy to set up, see how here

You can rename the Wishlist depending on how you want to use it.

  • WishList

  • Shopping List

  • Favourites

I have been adding this to my clients stores and renaming it depending on their business needs so for example I have a client that has a Deli and to make it easier for their clients to do a regular shop, I set up a Wishlist, where they can save their favourite weekly shopping products (Shopping List). This means they can just login to their online account and retrieve their saved shopping list. They can then quickly click on the items that they want to buy again this week and add any new ones. This saves them time and the more likely to shop again in future.

Buy now button

This is a great feature if you have just 1 or 2 products and takes your customer straight to checkout so it's a much quicker and streamlined buying process. I regularly use it alongside the 'Add to basket/cart' feature when a customer has done their research and is keen to buy.


This allow customers to filter or sort and a large number of products into a page by price, colours, collections. Again I use these on large eCommerce sites when I am shopping to help me find the products I am looking for.

Well the great news is you can add them too, see how here.

Related products gallery

You know when you are shopping online and you add something to the basket and then get a prompt that you might be interested in these similar products, well did you know Wix has a related products gallery that can be added to your product page.

It works off the collections you have set up so if an item is part of a collection the collection/s it links to will appear to scroll through.

Related product galleries boost sales, if a customer is interested in one product they are likely to be interested in a similar related product.

These are easy to add, see here

Store elements/Widgets

Abandon Cart

I always set this up for my clients it's a real no brainer!

In the Wix dashboard under Customer Management section is the automations. Here you can set up automatic actions when certain events are triggered. One of my favourites is the 'abandon cart automation'. Over 60% of online shoppers leave items in the basket, either because they are distracted or they are not quite ready to buy.

By setting up an abandon cart automation you can set up a designed marketing email to be sent to the client to remind them there is an item in their basket and give them that nudge to buy. Very effective!

For more on Abandon Carts click here

Wix Search

What makes a great online shopping experience. It's really all about the ease and pleasure of the shop. One way to make that easier where you have a large product range it to add a Wix search app.

You can customise it in a number of ways to match your website and branding.

You can place on product pages or often in the header/footer pages. I usually place in the header so that its easy to find and make full use of.

It is possible to set it up so that a client can find a product, click through to the product or even add to cart page.

These are some of my favourite ways to build an awesome shopping experience for clients.

Need help with your Wix eStore then why not book a free consultation to see how i can help


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