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Wix FREE Marketing Tools

Lots of people I speak to build sites in Wix and never realise the full potential a Wix website has to offer in terms of FREE marketing tools.

So you set your site up or get one designed by a professional web designer and then what? Don't expect customers or web visitors to be knocking down your door any time soon. Your site will be one of over a billion and even in your sector or specialist area it is going to be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

But it's not all bad news....

Take a look at your Wix dashboard and see many of the great tools that Wix has that are mostly free at their basic level. In this blog I will run though some of the best ones.

Email Marketing

Wix comes with a basic FREE email marketing tool. At time of posting It comes as part of a free Asend package that comes with a Wix site.

It offers the opportunity for you to send emails to your subscribers, to update them on your products, services, share knowledge and news. It's a great way of keeping in touch with your customers building relationships, upselling and raising awareness of what you want to share.

You can set up a template or use some of the many Wix has devised and update with your branding, colour scheme, logo images and text.

Here is a link on how to get started and more -


In the dashboard under Customer Management you can set up automations. Some of the automation options can be set up to trigger emails, these can help to build relationships with customers. One of my favourites is abandon cart. This is set up to trigger when a customer leaves an item in their shopping cart. You can send them a reminder, I usually do this the following day but you do have more options here. Another good one is to ask for feedback following a shopping experience or set following a purchase to invite them back to your store possibly giving them a discount coupon.

Wix Chat

This is a great feature you can add a chatbox to your website. The free version you have to manually say when you are available and switch on and off. Its still a great opportunity to talk to your website visitors and offer help. Offer support, advice, show them offers, share coupons and even carry on conversations once they have left the site if you have interacted with them.

Wix Chat help here

Social Posts

Wix has some great templates for you to design social posts and keep your social media content fresh and fun and on brand. Even better you can post straight from your website. Could not be easier. These social posts give you great ideas for regular content so definitely worth a look at.

Everything you need to know here

Video Maker

Oh how I love Wix video maker, I use it myself to promote my site and my designs. It's easy to use. Just add some images and or videos. Choose a style and interaction, colour scheme and music and produce great dynamic advertorials. These can be great to showcase services and products. I see plenty of adverts from large companies that must have cost thousands and I can produce something that looks as good on average in 10 minutes. You can preview your design and if you are not happy with go back and make changes. Once you are happy simply save, download and share.

Learn more here


Another great idea from Wix and easy to set up. Simply access coupons from the marketing area of your dashboard and set up offers and discounts for your products. you can share these in campaigns, Wix Chat, via emails and on you site.

Find out more here

Wix SEO Wizard

I will touch on this briefly here . If you run Wix SEO Wizard in your dashboard it will help you to optimise your website for search engines and google in particular. SEO is a huge topic and Wix has lots of great resource in its help center. A professional will mostly make better use of these tools but even if you are doing your self it is worth running through the process to improve your site and start to optimise for search engines.

Check out more resource here

Need help with anything I have talking about here then feel free to book a free consultation to see how I can help.


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